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Paint a rock for Bennett’s birthday

Bennett loved rocks—all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. He loved polished beautiful stones from the rock store. He loved fossils. He loved sparkly gems. But he also loved the ordinary rock, found in a mud puddle. He spent many a recess asking kids and adults to pick up rocks he spied on the ground. He stopped us on the…

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Calling all artists!

Drawing of Greer Elementary School

Bennett’s Village is looking for artists, young and not-so-young, to send us drawings, paintings, photographs of your favorite place to play. All of us have places we love to explore, learn, relax, and reconnect. And we may be missing them right now. So why not share your favorite place with the rest of us so that we can see…

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Big Feelings

photo of yellow daisies and a note that says remembering Bennett with love

It’s been a surreal few weeks. There are all kinds of big feelings going on right now for adults and kids alike. Many of us are having to learn new ways of interacting with each other and the world. Some of us are feeling the effects of being cooped up…we miss our friends and our routines. Some of us…

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Disco hide-and-seek parties

Bennett and his sister Ananda loved to play together. On the playground, in the car, and in the living room. With his friends, with her friends, with their pet guinea pigs. They didn’t let Bennett’s mobility challenges get in the way of fun. One year (for Christmas or a birthday) Ananda bought a colored disco ball for her brother….

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Grateful for you

Cardinals Wheelchair Basketball team playing against UVA athletes and the Banks Collage Basketball Association

It’s been an amazing week of fun and design at Bennett’s Village. We came together to gather community input on Tuesday, we had an AMAZING event at the Cardinals for Bennett’s Village Fundraiser, and we have the first design meeting for the Hallowheels event today, which focuses on providing kids in wheelchairs with awesome Halloween costumes. Last night before…

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Hallowheels comes to Charlottesville

Bennett’s Village is exciting to be partnering with Children’s Adaptive Technology Services to bring Hallowheels to Charlottesville. Hallowheels partners kids ages 4-6 who have wheelchairs with teams to design awesome Halloween costumes. Hallowheels has become CATS annual FUNdraiser, and will be expanded this year. With the help of Bennett’s Village in Charlottesville, and Attendants4You LLC in Richmond, the event will be conducted simultaneously in…

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Spatial Audit of Charlottesville Parks

map showing percent of people under 18 with a disability 2012-2016 in the Charlottesville area

Last fall, students in UVA’s Urban and Environmental class PLAN 6020, Methods of Community Research and Engagement, partnered with Bennett’s Village to conduct a spatial audit of the Charlottesville parks. One of the focuses of the study was to rate the inclusivity of Charlottesville parks, particularly towards those who have limited mobility. As the report describes, ” Accessibility to…

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