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Building a Village

We’re pleased to have found a fiduciary home in The Arc of the Piedmont. Charlottesville City Council has agreed to enter into a partnership with Bennett’s Village, designating PEN PARK as the future site of an all-abilities playground. The playground will extend the current playground space to the tennis courts and the parking lot and will include upgrades to the restroom facilities. Look for more about our strategic planning and implementation process, on this page.

Phase 1

During the fall/winter of 2018-2019 Bennett’s Village met with public officials to find a site for Bennett’s Village Playground. Thanks to all your hard work and advocacy, the Charlottesville City Council voted to move forward with a partnership with Bennett’s Village and to designate Pen Park, a regional park, as a site for the future home of Bennett’s Village.

Phase 2

In the fall of 2019 we worked with architects and seeking community feedback regarding a concept design for the playground.

This winter, we are kicking off design initiatives for the space.

And come spring, we will launch major fundraising and donor initiatives to raise the funds needed to build the playground.

Phase 3

Build our all-abilities playground at Pen Park

Arc of the Piedmont logo

The Arc of the Piedmont is the fiscal sponsor of Bennett’s Village.  It is a perfect pairing because both organizations are dedicated to fostering inclusion.  “The Arc of the Piedmont was founded in 1954 when a group of parents and friends of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities came together recognizing that school and community inclusion would not happen without their advocacy and support. We are still just as diligent today to ensure access to the full range of human and civil rights for all people with disabilities.”