July 29 – Communication board to be installed at Pen Park

After many months of planning, we are so excited to share the news that a communication
board will be installed at Pen Park by the end of the month. Communication boards use symbols
or illustrations to help our nonverbal community members communicate with others. This will be
the first communication board installed in a Charlottesville city park, and it’s a great step in
making Pen Park a more accessible place for all to play. We are so grateful to the Rob Gotlin
Community Leadership Grant of the American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation, PrintSource, Tobii Dynavox LLC, and our volunteers who assisted with design
and feedback to help make this communication board a reality.

We’ll have a short celebration at 3pm on Friday, July 29, to mark this new addition to the play
area. We will also have a limited number of laminated handheld versions of the board for
schools and individual families who would like them. If you cannot make the event but would like
a sign for your family or organization, please email us at bennettsvillage@gmail.com