August 2022 e-newsletter

August 2022

Dear Friends of Bennett’s Village,

It’s been a busy summer!

Accessible Treehouse:

We have signed a contract with Challenge Access, leaders in aerial adventures, to design and build an accessible treehouse at Pen Park! The treehouse is the first phase of our larger project to transform more than 3 acres of Pen Park into a series of accessible playspaces. We have raised $155,000 of the $500,000 needed to complete Phase One and will be actively working this fall to raise the remaining funds so that we can start construction as soon as the permits are approved.

 The treehouse will be located behind the current playground area at Pen Park.

Communication board installed

We have installed a communication board at Pen Park–the first of its kind in a Charlottesville City Park.  Recreational spaces are ideal locations to encourage and facilitate communication for those with complex communication needs. A non-verbal child or adult can use the board to communicate feelings, preferences, and desires with friends, family members or companions. The addition was noted in several television and news publications, including the Cville Weekly. The new board will also serve as a case study for a UVA class this semester exploring adaptive technology tools.  

In addition to installing the communication board at the park, we have also distributed more than 60 handheld versions of the sign to be used by schools and local groups whose community would most benefit from the board in communication while at the Park. If you know of a family or an organization who would like a hand-held version, please have them get in touch with us at