Spatial Audit of Charlottesville Parks

map showing percent of people under 18 with a disability 2012-2016 in the Charlottesville area

Last fall, students in UVA’s Urban and Environmental class PLAN 6020, Methods of Community Research and Engagement, partnered with Bennett’s Village to conduct a spatial audit of the Charlottesville parks.

One of the focuses of the study was to rate the inclusivity of Charlottesville parks, particularly towards those who have limited mobility. As the report describes, ” Accessibility to a playspace is not sufficient in encouraging play and interaction as it simply provides the route to play. Inclusivity, on the other hand, allows children to similarly experience the same playspace, thus cultivating equitable interactions between children of varying abilities. Inclusivity heightens collective play and allows ability differences to fall away. ” (Abstract)

To read the report, go to the Spatial Audit of Charlottesville Parks and click on the link on the left to download the report. Bennett’s Village is grateful to these students for their work and looks forward to working with other students in exploring ways to make Charlottesville a more inclusive place to play.