Disco hide-and-seek parties

Bennett and his sister Ananda loved to play together. On the playground, in the car, and in the living room. With his friends, with her friends, with their pet guinea pigs. They didn’t let Bennett’s mobility challenges get in the way of fun. One year (for Christmas or a birthday) Ananda bought a colored disco ball for her brother. They loved to turn off the lights, turn on the spinning disco ball, and turn up the music. Sometimes they danced. Sometimes they sang. Sometimes they played hide and seek.

Recently Ananda had the chance to submit a winter display design for Alakazam Toys. She based the design in part, on the hide-and-seek disco parties they used to have. Her design won–check it out through the first week in February.

Here at Bennett’s Village, we are working to build a place where ALL can play–a playground where Bennett and Ananda and their grandparents and their friends and their cousins could come together and play side-by-side. Our final designs may not include a disco ball, but I guarantee the results will be just as full of fun and delight!

Main display of award winning design that was inspired in part by disco hide-and-seek parties.